The Rev. Canon Will Mebane - Former OTSE Board Chair

"If we're going to win the fight for repeal, we must engage the faith communities," said the Rev. Canon Will Mebane, former Chair of Ohioans to Stop Executions (OTSE), at a recent meeting. Organizing people of faith has long been a cornerstone of OTSE's success. If you are a clergyperson, faith leader, active church volunteer, coordinator, or someone in the pews, we want you as a part of our team.
People of faith--bishops, rabbis, women religious, people in the choir, and others --have come together to realize the importance of this moment for Ohio. With the release of the Supreme Court Task Force recommendations, more people than ever before are gathering to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Faith communities have a vested interest in social justice, though they may have different names for it. Whether you believe in tikkun olam or the golden rule, faith communities are collaborating with one another to address the systemic problems of the death penalty. Through education, organizing and taking action, houses of worship across Ohio are setting the stage for reform and repeal.
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